Smoked Salmon

We start by selecting only the freshest and highest quality salmon for our smoking process. Then we add the perfect blend of ingredients – the results? An exquisite taste that will delight your palate!

Customer Favorites

Hand Sliced Nova
Hand Sliced Scotch Salmon
Hand Sliced Wild King Salmon
Hand Sliced Belly Lox
Pre-sliced Smoked Salmon
Smoked Baked Salmon


Fresh Nova is cured with the perfect combination of salt and sugar and then it’s smoked to perfection resulting in a delicate flavor good for any occasion.

Baked Salmon

Commonly known as Kippered Salmon, is hot smoked resulting in a deliciously moist tender texture and rich flavor.

Wild King

The largest of the wild Pacific salmon. Our Wild King comes from the Alaskan Arctic waters, which gives it a much leaner and delicate texture.

Scotch Salmon

Scotch Salmon is traditionally known for its smoky flavor. We preserve the traditional flavor by combining a perfectly balanced amount of salt and sugar with an extra hint of smoke.

Vacuum Sealed Products

Available in local select groceries or at both locations.

Atlantic Salmon

8 oz.

Atlantic Salmon

16 oz.

Sliced Gravlachs

8 0z.

Pastrami Salmon

8 0z.