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Smoked Sturgeon
Smoked Sable
Smoked Trout
Smoked White Fish


A customer favorite! Sturgeon has a delicate texture, with an intricate combination of earthy, buttery and nutty flavors.


Smooth, moist, sweet and buttery is the best way to describe Sable. Seasoned with the ideal blend of ingredients and dusted with paprika to lock in the delicious flavor.


Hot smoked to perfection every time! Smoked Trout is light and flaky, making it the perfect complement for any occasion.

White Fish

Our White Fish is hot smoked to infuse a smoky flavor while preserving the dense, moist and delicate qualities that are expected of great White Fish.

Pre Sliced Products

Available in local select groceries or at both locations.

Smoked Trout

8 0z.

Atlantic Salmon

8 0z. / 16 oz.

Sliced Gravlachs

8 oz.

Pastrami Salmon

8 oz.