At the Mt Kisco Smokehouse we are a family business and we take a lot of pride in what we do. All of our products are smoked on site and our customers enjoy being able to see the smoking process when they visit our store. William, Hernan, and Harold Hurtado who have become affectionately know to their customers as “The Brothers” opened up the Mt Kisco Smokehouse in 2000. They started off by smoking salmon and quickly expanded into other fish and smoked seafood products.

Through their hard work, they have made Mt. Kisco Smokehouse a destination for high quality smoked seafood. It is the quality of our products that attracts so many loyal customers from all over the tri-state area. Making us a must for many holidays especially Yom Kippur. Where our family gets to become a part of your family tradition.

The Next Generation

In keeping our family tradition alive we are having William Jr. and Hernan Jr. manage our new retail location in Greenwich, CT. They have grown up around the Mt Kisco Smokehouse and have become known as “The Cousins” by our customers. William Jr. and Hernan Jr. share the same passion and pride for Mt. Kisco Smokehouse as their fathers do.

Our Process

All of our seafood products are smoked on site in our Mt. Kisco location. We take great care in the curing and smoking process to ensure that we consistently produce the highest quality smoked seafood that can only be found at Mt. Kisco Smokehouse.

Every time our customers visit our stores they are guaranteed to get the quality food and exquisite flavors they have come to love and expect.